Eyeless Thought


I can’t see it.

Can’t see my future.

I try and nothing.

Cannot go beyond the moment…

It always ends in the blurry Now.
What do I even Want?

I can’t feel it.

Try and nothing.

Cannot go beyond this moment…

Only to Want it to end.

(C) The Voice of the Wounded Soul


Soul Karma

When that NEED of love arises, you know it’s not yours;

When that FEELING of emptiness catches your attention, it’s not yours;

A karmic desire that ties a stone to your feet.

Oh, what we want and think we own;

So many wants we think we desire,

So little to realize in a baggage of stress;

Baggages disguised as Money.

We aim our vitality for money only to get stuffed into the duffel bag; and empties out the soul.

For the Soul Karma is the weight we thought we wanted….

The karmic choice that ties a stone to your feet.

(C) Jennifer Lee, The Voice of the Wounded Soul

Soul GPS

I want to let my desires become expressed..Yet here comes the labeling again.
Between sky and land, there’s a hidden realm .
Accusations and categorizations of what people believe I am, or where I belong..
Yet when they keep refusing to see the 3rd land, they’re stuck in the right and wrong.
There can be no progress in runarounds of polarity until the Perspective is transcended to the ethereal.
I remember now, I am of the Order of the Heart, and whatever lies between Core and Blackhole does not change my inner essence… My inner map.

Dropped Baggage

Rising to the clouds make me forget the purpose of my feet.

Too high and too neglecting of my parts… The origin where humbleness goes extinct.

The good life was never up there , so everyone thought.

Bend down closer to the bottom of death where everything dropped

All the lost talent covered in dust.

We were best friends thrown away from your fear of being hindered.. 

Irony of your judgement to protect..

Your protection that became the wall that sabotaged your own success.

Clean me up.. I’m still part of you.


Visions of my ancestors have tried to pull be back.

They try to talk to me into living their methods.. the ones that are bringing their extinction.

They live close together colored in poverty and sludge.

They have no ears for renovation or evolution.. and no desire to be helped.

Only knowing of parasitic strategies, aggression, and control.

Like a long stick with an over-sized head; they brood over their righteousness..

They spiral slowly into the black hole, arguing.. and arguing…. yet no one is listening.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator, thank you.

Fear of Myself

Like a burned scar on my face,
Towards the dark so no one will see.

The pebbles hear all..
All of the excruciating cries of your desires to be seen…
Of your devastation to be heard..

Of your seduction to the One reality..
that you refuse to acknowledge you are living.

What good to purposefully dam the richness of life and close your doors?
Behind the scenes of a cave self-created..
Who has such passion to dedicate their essence to a disintegrating hole??

No elegance belongs in the ditches of pity nor fallen to unnecessary choir..

No dances of shadows will cover your tail ; presented in glory , your faceless expression of a shame so dark, you have started to fear yourself..

You fear the one core key that will set you free..
When will you desire me?

(C) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul.
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator. Thank you.

For No Reason..

The truth of my being
I look in the mirror,
Who am I?

I thought I was happy
I thought I was innocent

Yet those are thoughts…

I am not my thoughts..
I am the person behind the thoughts.

Outward reality is benevolent
Yet my vision sees the inner conflict.

There are days when my outer and inner world don’t get along.
There’s no reason for any turmoil
It just happens.. For me.

One ear left.
One ear is right..

Who should listen to dogs fight?

The mother that doesn’t trust her daughter.
The daughter with a cheap father.
The father that wanted a son.

In a land of fertile soil,
In the reflection of this benevolent reality,
(All my problems are only of thoughts)

Shall I plant the new generation and reflect..?
.. I’ve been granted the power to create a new world
The ruins of my inner world crumble from the silence of…  my thoughts.

Your mind has gone through speculation with a thousand images;
Yet there is no need for luggage when your body has not traveled to anywhere…

(C) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator. Thank you.

Chemistry Of Soul

From my landing onto this soil;

Detached from the Origins, the mystery of purpose.

How can one harvest this Helium that will lift this ship home?

It’s not about scarcity or availability; rather the method of attainment…

And if you knew the materials for your craft was produced in your cells…

(Have I not achieved what I wanted ?)

Do you still believe you need to leave this realm?

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator, thank you.

The Gate

Shipments, travelers…

water… gas…

The guardian with a dark face; only the white robe speaks to you.

You can leave anytime you desire.

But the Gate doesn’t recognize your return.

Don’t hold your magnets, child.

We only accept a naked mind.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice of The Wounded Soul
You may share, as long as all proper credit is given to the creator, thank you.