Why Being In The Present Moment Dismantles The Victim

Happy February 1st!

Let me share with you what I experienced this morning:

In the middle of a dream, I woke up from a phone call from my younger sister.

In an instant, I SAW the thoughts I had about HOW I LIKE TO WAKE UP overcome automatically by being present in the Now, all the while listening to my sister complain and cry for help as the VICTIM persona danced through her VOICE.

Being careful to actively disengage from being a rescuer, and being present with her, I converted the situation and guided her to act from the power she has within.

This space of operation is a balance of requesting her to take action through a command yet strong enough where I set healthy boundaries. In the end, she understood that I am not going to “save” her from a perceived physical threat, and yet she did not BLAME me for choosing not to help her.

I noticed the important factor is being able to say NO without feeling GUILTY; especially when you recognize something like this is happening. This is how you break the chain of this vicious cycle.

If I were to choose to operate from a place of ANTI-WILLINGNESS, then I will create more situations where there is no desire for willingness.

You may have friends, siblings, relatives, etc., that you have known for awhile now. But as you open your eyes and adjust to a brighter world, you start to gain this inner power. It’s not a destructive or ill-mannered power. It’s a firm presence of your inner truth expressing itself fully through your words, deeds, actions, aligned with who you are deep down. As you learn to develop this energy, you realize that by expressing this truth, you are simply allowing a higher level of yourself to flow through. You then start to embody your inner power into the outer world.

The space of creation is the key.
To carry this tool of presence in the Now, is like your mobile abode. You have become the eye of the storm.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share this creation as long as all proper credit is given.

The More I Am Life, The More There Is Death

The more alive I become, the more death I can see around me.

When I was “dead”, living in a dark shadow of a blurry world, all I saw was the dense hanging of other foggy entities around me veiled in the automation of “life” habits.

As I became more alive, opening my eyes to face the light and actually daring to see, I look behind me and ghosts they have become; floating through a dark world of dark emotions.. not really sure why they are gravitating towards each other

As I see the hooks created of their false joy, cold particles seeking warm souls..

Grayer they have become, in an old world fading away, I chose to take off that heavy jacket; the winter is not real.

As a ray reuniting with the full length of the golden beams, a breathe of fresh air out of the net of fuzzy eyes.

There, geomancies, and crystals spinning in the air; become the trine of destiny and fly above; do you remember your wings?

For immortality is your ability to tap your feet in the void of earth, yet skip over the cycles of a man-made storm..

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice of The Wounded Soul
You may share, as long as all proper credit is given to the creator, thank you.