Soul Karma

When that NEED of love arises, you know it’s not yours;

When that FEELING of emptiness catches your attention, it’s not yours;

A karmic desire that ties a stone to your feet.

Oh, what we want and think we own;

So many wants we think we desire,

So little to realize in a baggage of stress;

Baggages disguised as Money.

We aim our vitality for money only to get stuffed into the duffel bag; and empties out the soul.

For the Soul Karma is the weight we thought we wanted….

The karmic choice that ties a stone to your feet.

(C) Jennifer Lee, The Voice of the Wounded Soul


I Let Go

Lately as I have been focusing on expressing myself even more verbally, I started seeing the deeper motives of others.

I started to become bitter, seeing the dark sides of people.

I then went into a container of thoughts that people should be more loving towards others. I then devised plans on how I could convince them to be a better person.
I had expected them to be gentle and nice to me.. Just because that was the right thing a moral person should do; and that they should be ethical.

In my mind of this perfect world where everyone followed all the rules of MY expectations, I had forgotten that this was where Control thrives.

This is where aggressive behaviour and victims breed. This was where the whole concept of Rank, authority over others and trying to have other people approve of you , is created.

This was not the world I intended to create… And through seeing what my own mind can manifest from cancerous thoughts, the cure was to do the opposite: let go.

No matter how many times I have arrived to this conclusion, and left it, I can only practice this as many times like a religion, to get it down to automatic action. Sometimes remembering this does not solve anything. Yet in choosing every moment of my life where the moment this situation occurs is the opportunity to go ahead and let go.. Let go of wanting people to be differently than who they are.

Because in truth, we are letting go of how WE want to ourselves to be.. Which is the freedom to accept others as who they are.. One of the best gifts you can give to anyone you know.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share this creation as long as all proper credit is given.

Why Being In The Present Moment Dismantles The Victim

Happy February 1st!

Let me share with you what I experienced this morning:

In the middle of a dream, I woke up from a phone call from my younger sister.

In an instant, I SAW the thoughts I had about HOW I LIKE TO WAKE UP overcome automatically by being present in the Now, all the while listening to my sister complain and cry for help as the VICTIM persona danced through her VOICE.

Being careful to actively disengage from being a rescuer, and being present with her, I converted the situation and guided her to act from the power she has within.

This space of operation is a balance of requesting her to take action through a command yet strong enough where I set healthy boundaries. In the end, she understood that I am not going to “save” her from a perceived physical threat, and yet she did not BLAME me for choosing not to help her.

I noticed the important factor is being able to say NO without feeling GUILTY; especially when you recognize something like this is happening. This is how you break the chain of this vicious cycle.

If I were to choose to operate from a place of ANTI-WILLINGNESS, then I will create more situations where there is no desire for willingness.

You may have friends, siblings, relatives, etc., that you have known for awhile now. But as you open your eyes and adjust to a brighter world, you start to gain this inner power. It’s not a destructive or ill-mannered power. It’s a firm presence of your inner truth expressing itself fully through your words, deeds, actions, aligned with who you are deep down. As you learn to develop this energy, you realize that by expressing this truth, you are simply allowing a higher level of yourself to flow through. You then start to embody your inner power into the outer world.

The space of creation is the key.
To carry this tool of presence in the Now, is like your mobile abode. You have become the eye of the storm.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share this creation as long as all proper credit is given.

I Stopped Caring… about what other’s think.

I’ve decided that I don’t care what other people think of me as anymore. There is a difference to this. It’s not that I’m completely disregarding how they see me, rather, I am not allowing their opinions to dictate my behaviour. I will not allow myself to mold or conform into how other people desire me to be. That would be trying to please everyone, and I know that is the road to failure.

I am receiving feedback in a much more effective matter: Not taking anything personal. And at the same time recognizing it is their opinion, not being offended and perfectly okay with it inside.

It’s a new state of resilience for me. Before, I would ask someone a question regarding how would they deal with a specific situation? The person answers that this is what they would do. I listen and that is all fine and dandy, yet in the end, I have the choice to do what the person did, or to choose not what that person did.

Now, the person giving me the suggestion has 2 routes of responses: Person can either accept that whatever I choose is perfectly fine with the person. Or the person can choose to take it personal on why I didn’t listen to their advice and then go through emotional reactions; thus a self-created stress. In the end, since I have implemented the “I don’t care” program, their reaction has nothing to do with me.

Thank you, and No is my answer if I choose not to take their advice, or Thank you and yes.

This is not about being insensitive… this is about recognizing that each person is allowed to choose and that choice is not one to cause disharmony.. the only disharmony is the expectation that the person must do what was suggested. That is the real cause of relationship problems.

If we all respected each other’s choices, even if we don’t agree, then everyone’s relationship would immediately improve.

So it might be contradictory to not care, yet by not caring about other’s opinions, I have given the gift of my own voice to be who I truly desire to be. Because in the end, you are the only one that will be there for yourself to the end. You are the one in your shoes.

The freedom to fully express yourself is much more gratifying than walking on eggshells and fear of other’s opinion about you.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul