Amidst The Crowd, Eye of Storm

I saw that the way I am, I felt almost compelled, or more accurately a strong inner mode of operation to have a connection of my crown chakra to the “krystic way” of being.
And that if there was nothing of higher essence that I could connect my crown chakra to, that I didn’t know how else to be.
It’s my guiding force.

This is my connection to the “God-Source”.

This is where my one true voice comes from.
In feeling this connection with me, alike an omni-love presence always with me, gives a powerful reassurance that everything is alright.

Teaching to listen and trust.

To honor my choices.

That it is okay to say No to others thinking they know my path better than mines, as I shift into saying yes to what’s in line with my path.
This intimate space where It is only me and my higher self.

(C) The Voice of the Wounded Soul

Fear of Myself

Like a burned scar on my face,
Towards the dark so no one will see.

The pebbles hear all..
All of the excruciating cries of your desires to be seen…
Of your devastation to be heard..

Of your seduction to the One reality..
that you refuse to acknowledge you are living.

What good to purposefully dam the richness of life and close your doors?
Behind the scenes of a cave self-created..
Who has such passion to dedicate their essence to a disintegrating hole??

No elegance belongs in the ditches of pity nor fallen to unnecessary choir..

No dances of shadows will cover your tail ; presented in glory , your faceless expression of a shame so dark, you have started to fear yourself..

You fear the one core key that will set you free..
When will you desire me?

(C) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul.
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator. Thank you.