Eyeless Thought


I can’t see it.

Can’t see my future.

I try and nothing.

Cannot go beyond the moment…

It always ends in the blurry Now.
What do I even Want?

I can’t feel it.

Try and nothing.

Cannot go beyond this moment…

Only to Want it to end.

(C) The Voice of the Wounded Soul


Reset Button

“Things always get worse before they get better.”

Last night I met with my friend whom I haven’t spoken in almost a year.

He reminded me the importance of meditation.

I realized I’d fallen into that codependent swirl down the drain again.

It clicked so hard.

I’d given myself away so much I was getting lost and depressed.

I was getting addicted to being with other people even if they pissed me off.

I’m glad I stopped myself before I dissipated into nothingness.

I was becoming the energy that I hated: neediness.

And now I’m totally at peace.. Cleaning myself up from that deadly Fibonacci  spiral.

Meditation… It works.

It’s my reset button.