Eyes closing..
faded to dark.. towards my inner sanctuary.

Upon this transient marbled floor; awake and aware, my alternate form.

Pale indigo air breathes into me, my softened gossamer skin..

Gently crescendoing omnivorously.. hearing the hymn.

Facing the ocean in this muted station,
Endless depth before me brushed by the wind’s creation.

Of this permanent dawn, the electrical rhythm advanced far beyond..

the magnetic desires of the ashen world
For critical mass redemption was lost in the hurl.

I was reborn the moment I let myself die.
And the moment I realized there was no need to lie.

Couldn’t hold back the urge to transform
All I thought which had been forlorn.

Under the dome temple of my own eyes,
Swirls of particles like bowties

Merge into me, as the difference between environment and my body quickly become undistinguishable from each other..

(C) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*you may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator.


Get Ready, Lightholders

We came here as the LIGHTHOLDERS of earth.

We came here not to harden our hearts to deal with this 3D society, but to stand firm as the flame of light, an example to the peoples of their potential and direction.

Our family, our friends, everyone we have ever known or met…

We did not come here to be afraid of other people’s negativity nor as a victim of their darkness.

We did not come here to judge whether thy are suitable or not for us; our frequency already shows us by what we are attracting.

We came here to hollow out the occupied darkness in people’s hearts, if they so choose, and kindle the flame we already produce by mirroring to them our fulfilled and lit hearts.

We knew what we are capable of, and thus granted this PRIVILEGE to birth here on earth; the decision we granted to ourselves.

And not only an opportunity, but our manifestation alive and well here is the proof of our power to manifest a BEING into the flesh… a living light; this we are.

We did not come here to isolate ourselves from the rest.

We came in here purposefully to REPRESENT the light to others and SHOW THEM that this is real.

We did not come here to quarantine ourselves or hide to use our time for fear.

We came here well equipped to HANDLE the 3D; which we recognize is our creation.

And WE came here not alone, but with our tribes and families, fully supported by the divine within and around us to walk this GROUND; this we are sustaining.

So let us BE with each other in the liquid light we already are in the future that is NOW and dissolute the false barriers of separation and isolation of a mind that carries outdated CONTROL dogmas for fear of others… The matrix that is based off separation, because the truth is, we are all created of the source substance: love.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share this creation as long as all proper credit is given.