The Promise From A Metal Mind

From the stolen hopes of captured souls;
From a tongue weaved of dead matter..

The promise of a wealth spoken in golden sound..

From a land created of battery-powered fixtures…

And the metal establishment designed to fit you in their suffering..

Illuminates the free youths hungry for a new vision..
..For a new world.

Long due is the tyrant , lost in the head,
whose extended lifetime is sustained by other people’s life-force .. for a look at its own condition.

Speak and die
Or silence and long-suffering..

Shouldn’t the answer be clear enough?

When so tangled in the machine’s wires,
When will it be enough for us to evolve from a sheep?

We are the ones that actually hold the real flame; the true light.
We are the ones with the power to burn the old.

…When will we let ourselves die?
..die in the old?

The Death that is the end of suffering…


Chemistry Of Soul

From my landing onto this soil;

Detached from the Origins, the mystery of purpose.

How can one harvest this Helium that will lift this ship home?

It’s not about scarcity or availability; rather the method of attainment…

And if you knew the materials for your craft was produced in your cells…

(Have I not achieved what I wanted ?)

Do you still believe you need to leave this realm?

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator, thank you.

What Am I Trying To Control.. OF Myself?

Why am I doing this?
What am I trying to control OF myself?


Oh this crisp shell;
..For protection!?!?
No, it has only been served as…


What has it that not a sound be heard through these mutable walls?
…but yet the sound, at the same time, which disintegrates this field?

Oh, don’t Shame the raw cries of your beautiful being..
(your attractive vulnerability..)

Longing to be heard by the  darkness that surrounds thee…
(…surrounds thy false light..)

You cannot be a flame with a white container of conditioned light…
(your crisp white shell…)

Darkness longs for thee.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator.

Why Being In The Present Moment Dismantles The Victim

Happy February 1st!

Let me share with you what I experienced this morning:

In the middle of a dream, I woke up from a phone call from my younger sister.

In an instant, I SAW the thoughts I had about HOW I LIKE TO WAKE UP overcome automatically by being present in the Now, all the while listening to my sister complain and cry for help as the VICTIM persona danced through her VOICE.

Being careful to actively disengage from being a rescuer, and being present with her, I converted the situation and guided her to act from the power she has within.

This space of operation is a balance of requesting her to take action through a command yet strong enough where I set healthy boundaries. In the end, she understood that I am not going to “save” her from a perceived physical threat, and yet she did not BLAME me for choosing not to help her.

I noticed the important factor is being able to say NO without feeling GUILTY; especially when you recognize something like this is happening. This is how you break the chain of this vicious cycle.

If I were to choose to operate from a place of ANTI-WILLINGNESS, then I will create more situations where there is no desire for willingness.

You may have friends, siblings, relatives, etc., that you have known for awhile now. But as you open your eyes and adjust to a brighter world, you start to gain this inner power. It’s not a destructive or ill-mannered power. It’s a firm presence of your inner truth expressing itself fully through your words, deeds, actions, aligned with who you are deep down. As you learn to develop this energy, you realize that by expressing this truth, you are simply allowing a higher level of yourself to flow through. You then start to embody your inner power into the outer world.

The space of creation is the key.
To carry this tool of presence in the Now, is like your mobile abode. You have become the eye of the storm.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share this creation as long as all proper credit is given.

WE are the Ultimate Goal..

I feel like the miner that was lost in the cave for 17 years; finally found and FREE for the first time in eons.

This part of me that I have always been searching for .. the one I love and has been so deeply covered that it became an automated blind search.. until now.

I cried and cried in front of the mirror. Seeing new facets of my being. Meeting myself again. I have assisted myself in the bringing forth the vibrations of REUNION.

The voice of truth.
The expression of exuberance, of the freedom we embody.
The face of divine love.
We are together the one that is so large, it creates many.
It cannot be defined; instead it creates.

We are the vision of the One.
We sing along our choir.
Waves of hands; waves of love.

That is our rhythm, and that is how our heart beats together.
In the ocean of abundance…

The vision of Mother Earth alive.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share this creation as long as all proper credit is given.