Bottom Bed

Here I am.

Feeling I’m at the bottom again.

Can’t get any lower than this bed; where I lay.

Where all the crumbs and dust and debree sink to

Where all the neglect clumps up until I become one of them

And then I find where I belong.

The murky depths where creation calls for me.

Where my voice has been gurgling and drowning in all the things I’ve put between it and me.

And then I fall down only to fall closer to my VOICE.

Calling me home to rest in my bed where I will wake up anew and fresh from all the waters…

Where I escape from… but end up exactly where I run from…

(C) The Voice of the Wounded Soul


Anvil-shaped Heart

Getting up, going against the white waters.

Getting food, going against the waterfall.

Going against life..

But I can’t go with the flow.. I’ll be washed into the homeless lands

My flow is different than yours.

If I let go, I won’t get up to eat.

If I stop trying, I’ll lay in bed all day forgetting I have a stomach to feed.

But if I keep trying, fighting to live, I suffer.

I don’t even fight to live anymore.

That part of me doesn’t exist/ doesn’t care.

I stopped trying.

I float in this world like a …?

Why should I get a job? Couldn’t I just lay here until I parish in my room? I’m not even worried… I can’t even feel it.

How many times I get a job only to be released a year or less later?

I can’t even do my job right. I lose motivation so quickly because everything’s so corrupted; who in their right minds would stay and kiss up?

What’s the point?

I’m not getting anywhere.

Might as well work a part-time job somewhere in some store.

Do I even want to?

Who cares if I was in sales?

How can an unmotivated person be in sales? I can’t anymore.

All those years of sales experience goes down the drain.

What’s my meaning of life? So far trying to survive. How can that be a purpose for me? Who cares..?

Too many questions, never an answer…

You’re not here.

Stop making me go through this shit. It’s making me want to kill myself.

Where Am I going?

“I have a problem that I can not explain…

I have no reason why it should have been so plain…

Have no questions but I sure have excuse..

I lack the reason why I should be so confused…”

(Repeat 999999 times in your head)

-System of A Down- roulette 

Order’s Riddle

All of these problems and the inner struggle… When will it be over???

One after another…

People forming their own covenants and punishing new members.

Why separate ?

Why demote the ones that you didn’t accept into your society? 

Am I supposed to FALL to advance in this world?

Cause it seems the ones keeping their corruption strong are the ones making money…