Something’s wrong

I watched as my coworker easily got things done… 

He is easily the top salesman in our company.

He even showed me his progress for gaming. High levels, advanced progress and excellent items. Not only being the best in our branch office, but the best in gaming too.

How does one summon such virility and drive for even such minute goals?

Why is it that this guy can have so much drive and INTEREST in life?

I know for a fact he does not do drugs, only drinks and has a wife and kid.

Whilst I’m over here trying to numb myself from the agony of life.

Going through life is a pain in the ass for me.

Bills, shallow people, deceptive manipulators that take advantage of people, asshole primitive managers, greedy money-hungry parents whom look at your birth as a ROI, the landlord that can’t keep their dog shut , customers that are cheapasses and give you a hard time and bargain the shit out of you, dirty cars, fucking spiders in the house, and lastly, trying to find any ounce of motivation to get me through this bullshit on a regular basis.

I’m having a hard time enjoying my time here..

Life’s a blur.

A Meaningless hole full of annoying circumstances and unreachable desires.

A game of who can toy with who the most.

Being played by the ones with less IQ yet somehow manages to earn a higher salary..

I don’t give a shit anymore


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