I’ve come to experience that there is only of being misunderstood.

All other labels of being



Are inaccurate translations of what is..
Coming to blame the symptoms of something misunderstood is stupidity in the finger pointer

A shell that the person built not only keeping things out, but unfortunately keeping their gifts in.

A struggle to establish into this society 

A struggle to have a career in a field that is supposed to promote growth whilst being there

A struggle to fit into an outdated society based off competition and ego wars, where numbers matter more than people.

I don’t think I know too much… Rather more likely I understand too much and  allowing this fall into a state of forgiving love.

I even try not to , yet it must be who I am for it occurs so effortlessly; and is such vigorous effort to not be whom I am inside…

An epiphany to the one that cared too much.


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