Will-I am

The last couple years have been explosive.

In horrific and terrific ways all together.

Yet I’m at this point where it’s all going down to trash.

I’m at a loss of words for the inner heartbreak I’m feeling at the huge amount of effort I’ve put in to simply evolve my reality, and life experience, to an even better one.

Which seems so unreachable; or even if reachable, filled with suffering and games.

And I’m so fucking sick of games.

The same phrases:

 social niceties 

Social etiquettes

Socially accepted popular trends and how to be.

I’ve had enough of it.

Where do I fit in from here?

Why should I?

Job requests that want you to do well under pressure, yet tell you it’s a fun place to work…

These two obviously contradict each other.

And Well sure if you ENJOY being pushed and played games on all the time, then shit, go and work there because you believe “hard work” = suffering.

Or the conditioning that you must have long cute hair and act cute and change your voice to be softer and higher pitched for you to be the “alpha female” in a group of friends.

(Don’t say you or your friends aren’t like that, because you’re full of shit; you don’t even realize you change yourself around them because you’ve made it a habit)

Oh habits…
We are running into our own hellhole if we keep doing this.

And I sure hope we get there soon because I’d rather die than to suffer another moment.

Will, where are you?


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