For No Reason..

The truth of my being
I look in the mirror,
Who am I?

I thought I was happy
I thought I was innocent

Yet those are thoughts…

I am not my thoughts..
I am the person behind the thoughts.

Outward reality is benevolent
Yet my vision sees the inner conflict.

There are days when my outer and inner world don’t get along.
There’s no reason for any turmoil
It just happens.. For me.

One ear left.
One ear is right..

Who should listen to dogs fight?

The mother that doesn’t trust her daughter.
The daughter with a cheap father.
The father that wanted a son.

In a land of fertile soil,
In the reflection of this benevolent reality,
(All my problems are only of thoughts)

Shall I plant the new generation and reflect..?
.. I’ve been granted the power to create a new world
The ruins of my inner world crumble from the silence of…  my thoughts.

Your mind has gone through speculation with a thousand images;
Yet there is no need for luggage when your body has not traveled to anywhere…

(C) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share as long as all proper credit is given to the creator. Thank you.


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