WE are the Ultimate Goal..

I feel like the miner that was lost in the cave for 17 years; finally found and FREE for the first time in eons.

This part of me that I have always been searching for .. the one I love and has been so deeply covered that it became an automated blind search.. until now.

I cried and cried in front of the mirror. Seeing new facets of my being. Meeting myself again. I have assisted myself in the bringing forth the vibrations of REUNION.

The voice of truth.
The expression of exuberance, of the freedom we embody.
The face of divine love.
We are together the one that is so large, it creates many.
It cannot be defined; instead it creates.

We are the vision of the One.
We sing along our choir.
Waves of hands; waves of love.

That is our rhythm, and that is how our heart beats together.
In the ocean of abundance…

The vision of Mother Earth alive.

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice Of The Wounded Soul
*You may share this creation as long as all proper credit is given.


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