The More I Am Life, The More There Is Death

The more alive I become, the more death I can see around me.

When I was “dead”, living in a dark shadow of a blurry world, all I saw was the dense hanging of other foggy entities around me veiled in the automation of “life” habits.

As I became more alive, opening my eyes to face the light and actually daring to see, I look behind me and ghosts they have become; floating through a dark world of dark emotions.. not really sure why they are gravitating towards each other

As I see the hooks created of their false joy, cold particles seeking warm souls..

Grayer they have become, in an old world fading away, I chose to take off that heavy jacket; the winter is not real.

As a ray reuniting with the full length of the golden beams, a breathe of fresh air out of the net of fuzzy eyes.

There, geomancies, and crystals spinning in the air; become the trine of destiny and fly above; do you remember your wings?

For immortality is your ability to tap your feet in the void of earth, yet skip over the cycles of a man-made storm..

(c) Jennifer Lee, The Voice of The Wounded Soul
You may share, as long as all proper credit is given to the creator, thank you.


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